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Kind and much cherished words from clients. 

"I have recently received two items from Sanna, one was a lovely thoughtful gift, and the other was a gift I bought as I loved the gift I received.

My gift was a drawing of my cat who sadly passed away and it was drawn beautifully! I was in tears because it was just amazing.  The attention to detail was amazing and it resembled my cat so much.  Probably one of the best gifts I've been given.  I will treasure it forever.  As a result oof being given this gift I then thought I will get my mum a drawing of my gran.  And wow! My mum was also in tears and just couldn't stop looking at the picture.  The likeness of the pictures are just 1st class and it's honestly a gift that you would cherish forever.

Sanna was very efficient, and her service was up to the best standards! Would highly recommend!"

- F. Pallas


"When we found out we had won a commissioned portarit of Cora in a competition we were absolutely ecstatic.  the process was all so exciting from the initial contact wherby we sent a selection of photos to Sanna who gave regular updates as the process began.  We were able to watch as the portrait started to take shape and all the way through we were blown away.  The quality is unlike anything I have ever seen before and the finished product is better than we ever imagined.  We are huge fans now and will definetly be getting other poraits of our other fur babies.  She deserves all the success in the world."

- J. Mortimer

"I am absolutely delighted with this drawing of my Ganda.  It is so like the original photo, it's unbeliveable.  My Granda meant so much to me and to receive this as a gift from my girlfriend's parents was wonderful as well as emotional.  Thanks so much Sanna, for drawing something that I will keep forever"

- C. Brash


"I knew for our first Christmas without my step dad, that I wanted to get my mum something she could remember him by.  I thought about Sanna after seeing her portraits as I couldn't belive how amazing they were.  I gave her my mum's favourite picture of their wedding day and Sanna managed to capture him exactly how he was that day.  It brought myself and my sister to tears.  My mum was so touched to receive this portrait for her Christmas.  In her words: "It was such a fantastic likeness and captured the spirit of Derek so well that it brought me to tear.  It will be cherished forever".

Thank you again for helping us make our first Christmas without my stepdad that little bit easier x"

- L.  Barrie


"I decided to treat myself during the 1st lockdown.  I had admired Sanna's work for a while and asked her to draw one of my favourite animals.  Sanna kept me tagged throughout her beautiful creation.  The attention to detail in my drawing is magnificent and I am quite sure it won't be the only piece of Sanna's work I'll have the pleasure to own! x"

- S. Donald


"I am overwhelmed by these drawings by Sanna.  The likness is uncanny and brings out my beautiful dog's personality in every detail.

I will cherish these pictures of my precious dog Queenie.  Thank you so much Sanna an unbeliveable talent xx"

- D. Falconer


"I was really struggling to think to think of a meaningful and special birthday present for my husband who turned 60 last June.  A very difficult task during lockdown.  I then thought of Sanna.  I had seen some of her work before and was so impressed with the detail.  I asked her to draw Ruby our wee 2 year old cross.  I could not have been happier with the outcome.  Not only did Sanna deliver a brilliant representation of Ruby but completely captured her mischievious and determined wee spirit too.  So much so that it brought a tear to my eye when I first saw it.  Dek was delighted with his gift and it was great to see the utter surprise when he opened it.  Thanks Sanna for making his birthday special, even in these trying times xx

- A. Ritchie


"I've ordered three commissions myself from Sanna and organised one for my mum.  I honestly can't express the quality of these drawings.  The human portraits are uncanny and with the pet one's it's like you can pick them up off the paper.  It's definitely the surreal detail in the eyes that totoally brings the drawing to life and it's genuinely like looking at your family member or pet.  Sanna keeps you updated throughout the process and even sends progress photos which is amazing because you get to see the drawing come to life.  The drawings are produced on beautiful paper which is of such high quality and looks great once framed.  This is honestly a gift of a lifetime to give and I coudln't recommed Sanna and her services more if I tried."

- D. Greene

"Blown away by this amazing drawing by Sanna Dyker.  The attention to detail and likeness is uncanny.  I will treasure it forever.  Thanks Sanna, I love it."

- A. Campbell


"Where do I start, well the hardest part was picking a photo of myself and my late son Dale who passed suddenly.  I seen a client review of a human portrait by Sanna and immediately knew she was the one to do myself and Dale's portrait.  It is just stunning, the work and the likeness.  My first words to Sanna were his eyes are alive, it's just beautiful.  Sanna also kept in touch with me through the whole commission process.   Thank you again Sanna for this beautiful portrait."

- L. Kerrigan

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